Holland saves my blog

I gave some deep thought to quitting this blog after my last post. Then the comments started rolling in – 4 of them.

I have four readers?

Holy cow. How did I get that many readers? That’s four times as many as I thought I had.

I can’t quit my blog. There are four people out there crazier than I am and depend on my mad rants to make their day. I can’t let them down.

Or can I? Four readers? I’m sure they could find another blog. But I like those Four readers. Hmm, what to do? Stay or run?

And then I read the fourth and final comment and this quote: “if it helps… your blog is WORLD FAMOUS! Seriously, in holland, basically every single person reads it.”

Every person in Holland reads my blog?

If only I could fly, I'd visit my pals in the summer. © Lsantilli - Fotolia.com

If only I could fly, I’d visit my pals in the summer. © Lsantilli – Fotolia.com

Well, that’s a lot more people than four. What’s the population of Holland? (Let’s see, I have to multiply the number of tulips by the number of wooden shoes, then add the number of bicycles and windmills and divide by 1,000, which equals a population of 6,065,459. Or around that. Math isn’t an exact science after all.)

How could I possibly let down over 6 million hard working people from Holland? What kind of person would I be if I did that?

After all, I’m the David Hasselhoff of Holland! But without the singing.

So, thanks to my four readers and the region of Holland, I will continue to blog. My friends for life: Larry, Karyn, Tara, Djun and the best and smartest people in all of the Netherlands – those pals of mine in wonderful Holland.

Party like it’s your last, and always take the time to smell the tulips.

I heart Holland.

26 thoughts on “Holland saves my blog

  1. It’s the age of convenience. What I mean by this is we’re all so wrapped up in the next 5 seconds of fame that we forget to leave meaningful comments. In this ever growing age of media it’s important to keep our humanity about us. Posts like this are a snap back to reality, and remind us too that you’re more than just some person sharing a story and making us all feel better. I think that it’s important to note that you have a lot of background fans. I for one love to read the posts. It’s comforting to see someone who’s already past their “sell by” date and hasn’t expired yet. Your writing is witty, tasteful, and it packs a punch. It’s nice to know someone who’s open and as down to earth as you. You may say you’re insane, but it’s usually us crazies who make more sense then those who aren’t.

    So for the love of all of us who continually are in your trials and tribulations with you… Keep writing. If not for us. For yourself. And definitely for your daughter. Someday she’s going to have a lot of questions, and this is a perfect place to find those answers.

    Best wishes,
    Savannah from CT

    • Savannah T,

      I appreciate you leaving a comment. It’s nice to know who is reading my blog. I’m excited to have background fans.

      Your note about my daughter having a lot of questions is very touching. Thank you.

      Not sure about the past my “sell by” date part. 🙂

      I really glad someone like you enjoys my blog.


  2. Well I’m glad that ‘we’ have saved your blog.
    I always enjoy reading it and see what’s happening in your life and mind.
    Ow about that ‘David Hasselhoff’ part, please don’t 😉
    Until the next blog, Ralf

    • Ralf,

      Yes, you and your fellow Hollandites did. Thank you. And thanks for the comment. I do have to admit to watching Knight Rider many years ago. And a few episodes of Baywatch, but not for David Hasselhoff.


  3. I’m lousy at commenting. Mostly because I am a subscriber and whole blog posts come right to my email, I read them on my phone, and always think, “I’ll comment when I get home to my computer”, and then my gnat sized attention span kicks in. Having said that- I would probably throw myself from a bridge if you quit blogging. Thank Pete for Holland, stepping in where your legions of stateside fans failed.

    • Amy,

      Thanks for subscribing and checking in. I never, ever check my blog stats. So, I have no idea how many people visit or subscribe. Glad you’re one of them.

      I can’t be responsible for you throwing yourself off a bridge. Blog on.

      Hope all is well with you and the family.


  4. I always read em as well. Don’t comment much because i read it on my phone as well, normally when i’m having a poo. It helps the proceedings.

  5. I may not always comment… but I ALWAYS read! I am email subscribed to your blog and generally I read it on my phone. Ironically I am Dutch… although I do not live in Holland. My father is first generation Dutch. ❤

  6. Hi UC,
    I will smell an extra tulip in your honor today, as I ride by it with my bike while eating a piece of cheese!

    Living the dream baby!

  7. Dear Madman of LAShire,

    You do realise that now you are famous in Holland you’ll have to take Football serious and be able to name all of the 1974 world cup squad. 😉 Also, did you know that they play cricket?
    Sir Sean

    BTW I can see Holland from my house!

    • Sir Sean,

      I can name the 1974 world cup squad. I can name the winner for the past 50 years. And yes, I know Holland has a huge cricket problem and doesn’t like to use fertilizer to get rid of them.


  8. I’m glad you’re going to continue! I also read every post and look forward to the updates.

    I’m also glad your wife is aware of the blog now. When my husband reads my blog I think it helps him understand what’s going on inside my head. It’s a nice thing to share 🙂

    • Stacey,

      My wife and I came to an agreement that she will not read my blog. Or, she’ll read it and not tell me. Either way, I’m okay with it. We don’t discuss it.


    • Jane,

      Lurkers are welcome here. And especially Canadian lurkers, as I love Canada. One of the best vacations my wife and I ever took was to Banff and Vancouver. Awesome time.

      Thanks for checking in,


  9. Thought you’de be inundated with comments so I hesitated to add yet another begging you to continue…sorry to let you down. So strap on those wooden shoes and move forward.

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