My daughter borrows my story

I used this photo a year or two ago. Sorry. I’m tired and couldn’t find the one I wanted to post. I’ve been so busy lately and want to get a blog post out.

“Did you see her essay?” my wife asked. It was first thing in the morning.

“Essay? What essay?”

“You’re in it.”

“Really? Can’t wait to see it then.”

I found a draft on the computer.  I was mentioned along with my pal, cystic fibrosis. Great. Let’s tell the world.

It’s my secret and one I’ve done my best to keep on the down-low throughout my life. And my wife has done a good job supporting that, though it’s hard to hide it from your friends when you’re in the hospital three times a year.

And then there is my daughter.

I’ve been able to control my story over the years, but I can’t control hers. My story of CF becomes her unique story of CF. I can’t censor that.

So, here’s the essay. As a writer, I have to qualify it a bit: it’s a 5th grader’s draft on a tough subject, and I’m going to be in big trouble one day for posting it here, if she finds out before I’m dust in the wind.

“Prayer is Powerful”

            I believe prayer is powerful.  God does listen to us when we have a problem and comforts us.  I think that because I had an experience with prayer where I was very worried.

            My dad has Cystic Fibrosis and sometimes he has to go to the hospital.  I always feel sad and worried when he is there because my mom and I don’t know when he will come back.  Often I pray for a cure for his sickness.  God doesn’t always do things the way you think He will though.

            Once when he was in the hospital, they said he had to have a sinus surgery.  I was  a little scared for him because I didn’t know what would happen.  My mom and I went to the hospital so we could be there when they finished the surgery.  I prayed for my dad that the surgery would help him.  When they finished, they let us see him, and he was fine!  I was so happy that he was ok.  About a few days later, they let him come home.  He still has to go to the hospital sometimes, but he always comes back healthy.

            I think that prayer does help.  God might not do what you prayed for, but He always helps in some way.  Prayer also comforts me because I feel like someone does care up there.  If you trust in God and pray, good things will happen.

            Prayer really helps me when my dad is away.  I think prayer is spiritually and physically refreshing.  It’s good to know there is always someone watching over you and listening.  Even if you aren’t religious, it never hurts to pray. 

13 thoughts on “My daughter borrows my story

  1. That Was Beautiful. As A Cf Mom, You Dont Realize The Effect Cf Has On Your Child And How Mature Their Feelings Can Be. Loved It…

  2. I can see she has her Daddy’s writing skills and intelligence (or maybe she got some of it from her Mom :))

    Wishing you the best John.

    • Larry, Braves fan,

      You are too kind. Yes, in my daughter’s case, 100% of her mom’s genes passed on and zero of mine. It’s a miracle of science.

      Best to you,


  3. This agnostic has been moved tremendously by your daughter’s beautiful essay. And, I totally agree with her last sentence. I love that you shared this because it puts her in our view and therefor our hearts. It’s good to be in people’s hearts whether you know about it or not.

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