All work and no play, or blogging

This is fun with hypertonic saline at a hotel. The sun was coming in the window and I thought it was cool looking to blow into the light. Yes, I have problems, like having to get up early on business trips to do treatments.

This is fun with hypertonic saline at a hotel. The sun was coming in the window and I thought it was cool looking to blow into the light. Yes, I have problems, like having to get up early on business trips to do treatments.

I just finished two back-to-back work trips. Drove for both of them as I haven’t been on a plane in . . . a long time. So long I don’t remember.

Bad things happen to me on planes. But I do miss going places on business and with my family. We do, however, seem to find plenty of local places to drive to and still have a boatload of fun.

I do miss going to Hawaii. And I’d like to go to England to see a soccer game with a couple of friends, then get arrested and spend the night in an English jail. How cool would that be? Would I get “the rack”?

When I saw the date of my last post, I couldn’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written anything. I know why blogs die off. It takes a lot of energy to keep them going. I’m in year four. Yay.

So, what’s new to report on. Looks like a good chunk of my lung function isn’t coming back. I’m hovering around 50%. It seems like I went from 70 to 50 overnight, but that’s not true. It took some years to do it. I fought every step of the way. However, whereas my PFT chart use to contain flowing, smooth hills and valleys, it now looks like an earthquake graph. Up and down, up and down, but mostly down.

I had to work during my daughter’s spring break. Not much choice, but I felt bad. It’s always a balance between keeping the job that pays well and gives great benefits and spending time with my wife and daughter.

I’ve also been building a linen closet door. It’s the door from hell and has schooled me, and beat me, and perplexed me throughout the process. Ā I almost gave up. But I’ve learned a lot of lessons, and that has value. I added my ninth coat of Tung oil tonight and will never use the stuff again. Back to shellac. I’ll post some pictures next week.

That’s it. I’m here, breathing. I woke up today, which is always a huge win. The rest is a bonus.

7 thoughts on “All work and no play, or blogging

  1. Dear Madman of LAShire,

    Have you been anywhere cool on your road trips? It’s a shame you can’t fly to the motherland but i’m sure i’ve read somewhere that they might be building a bridge or tunnel from Russia to Alaska, so at least you’ll be able to drive here! šŸ˜‰

    We still Hang, draw and quarter people here for minor football offenses.

    Sir Sean

    • Sir Sean,

      I haven’t been anywhere cool. I have been passing up cool overseas business trips. It hurts to do so. Yes, when I can drive to England, I’ll be there. Meanwhile, I think you should grab Robyn and come out to So Cal and Disneyland.

      I don’t care how they punish me for taking Larry’s advice and yelling out that real football is played in the US, not England, but it better leave scars. I need proof of my suffering.


  2. Perhaps you can make it up to your daughter soon for having to work during her spring break with a nice, relaxing get away somewhere you’ll enjoy and forget work for awhile. Of course her idea of relaxing might be totally different from yours.

    On you future trip to the UK, if you want to spend some time locked away; all you would need to do is go to a pub and mention that real football is played in the U.S. and call theirs soccer. After the bar brawl (Raylan like) you would skip the English jail and go directly to The Tower.

    Hope the linen closet door works out well. Anxious to see the pictures.

    • Larry,

      I’m surprised Sir Sean hasn’t chimed in yet, though I’ve told him this for years. The whole football/soccer thing drives him nuts. And me. It’s soccer, damn it, not football. They drive on the wrong side of the road too.

      I think the only person who relaxes in our family is my wife, when she can. My daughter recently discovered horses. So, I’ll be making it up to her through my wallet for years to come.


  3. I’m not sure how you do it, but you so show make an ‘update’ post on life interesting and inspiring. I need lessons. (Good to hear you are putting he foot in front of the other my friend!)

    • Karyn, Queen of Outback Steakhouses,

      If I am the person who can make an update post interesting, you are the person who can write a short, charming comment that makes me want to be the president of your fan club.

      You fan,


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