Holiday in the south of Azithromycin

[No Z-packs were harmed in the writing of this post]

I get a holiday from Azithromycin for 30 days, which is kind of nice, as eliminating a med from the list feels good. Don’t I wish I could cut them all. How nice would that be? Especially if I could lose the 4.5 hours a day I spend on inhaled treatments.

Valentine's Day is going to be easy this year. My wife is getting something red, something small, something that comes in batches of 14, something with numbers on it.Any guesses?

Valentine’s Day is going to be easy this year. My wife is getting something red, something small, something that comes in batches of 14, something with numbers on it.
Any guesses?

For Halloween next year, I’m dressing in black and white stripes like a prisoner. And instead of a ball and chain around my ankle, I’m going to tie a bunch of nebulizers together and attach them to my ankle using old air hoses.

Prisoner of CF?

Okay, never mind. No one in my neighborhood would get the joke.

Okay, end of bitching.

Back to the Azithromycin topic, which I zagged away from.

Yes, I received an email from my CF clinic telling me to chill on the little red pills – 250mg a day for life. They want the drug to clear my system so they can test me for mycobacteria. They believe the Azithromycin might be suppressing the bacteria. Luckily I stopped the med during the hospital stay because it’s too much of a load on my system and makes the possibility of c diff more likely (for me, not medical advice for you), as I can just say “c diff” and get it.

So, I’m at day 13 in the 30-day “z-pack detox program.” Thursday I get my 15-day chip.

I hope I don’t have this new bacteria because knowing what I know about it from my friend Stacey, all I have to say is, “aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhh.” Women have the strength to fight this one. I’m toast.

Actually, I had to smile when I got the email. I thought of a quote I heard on Justified the other day: “Growing old ain’t for pussies.”

Nope, it ain’t. Thanks for that life lesson, Raylan Givens. Could have used it a bit sooner, my friend.

12 thoughts on “Holiday in the south of Azithromycin

    • Every time I hear of someone having or being tested for MAC, I think of Stacey. I’m seriously hoping that you don’t have it!

      This reminded me of the first time my sister-in-law *kinda sorta* began to understand the severity of CF. She had come with me to a clinic appointment and heard my doc going over my medication list, and on the way home she said, “I can’t believe you have to take Azithromycin, like, EVERY SINGLE DAY!” She was familiar with it only because her son had recently been on a z-pack for an ear infection or something. I thought it was funny because of all the meds I take on a daily basis Azithromycin seems like one of the more insignificant ones, but in her mind it was just “sooo crazy” that i had to take it “like, all the time.” 🙂

      • Jenny,

        After reading Stacey’s blog over the years (I miss it), that’s where my opinion of MAC came from.

        Even if my culture for MAC comes out negative, I’m not sure I’ll ever return to zithromax every day. Not sure. It’s one of those drugs you have to have faith in – faith it’s helping you even though you don’t notice any difference on it, at least I never have. Doesn’t it feel like we’re playing with fire everyday with the amount of drugs we’re taking?

        I find that even the people close to me don’t always understand this disease. It becomes routine, but that routine is a bear.

        Thanks for the thoughts.


  1. Dear Madman of LAShire,

    It’s interesting to see you take Azithromycin everyday, the girls take it but only 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
    Lauren is on 500mg and Robyn is on 250mg.

    I guess the regulations are different here to the US?

    I hope your getting on top of the IV’s and are keeping warm.


    • Sir Sean of Snowland,

      Zithromax can be taken that way here in the states. I just felt it was easier to take every day. I get my days of the week mixed up all the time. MWF is too complicated for me. I’m a dolt and my med schedule needs to be dolt-proof.

      Done with IVs yesterday. Took the needle out myself. Had a moment of panic when it wouldn’t come out. Use a pair of rusty pliers and out it came.


  2. Wil be thinking positive thoughts that you won’t test positive for MAC and you are a very positive person, so you do the same.

    And other than the love for our dogs, we also have another item in common to share. I’m hooked on Justified also. First season of watching it and must to see the first 3 seasons. Raylan is the utmost in cool.

    Best regards.

    • Larry,

      Sorry about your birds. You may need the same shock therapy I underwent to forget that game. I bet your team, but pushed thanks to the points.

      I’m now through all three seasons. I feel like backing over a bad guy in my car. That would be a blast, especially if it’s a company car and not my own. I wouldn’t have a problem shooting bad guys either. And being good looking while I do it? Icing on the cake.

      The only MAC I want in my future is a Big MAC.

      Thanks for the good thoughts.


  3. ARG, NO you DON’T want MAC. It just about killed me in 1999. The only way to stop it in my case was carving up my left lung and resecting plus 2 years solid of ABX. I’m one of the few who have eradicated it, but it took drastic measures to do so. The surgery saved my life but now I’m still paying for the MAC because now I can’t have TX with my scarred lung cavity. 😦 Good luck and hopefully be well sans MAC! Jodi

    • Jodi,

      After reading your comment, I really don’t want MAC. Holy crap, can’t believe the hell it put you through. I read your facebook post about the TX. I’m deeply sorry you were delisted. I have no words to help.

      Thanks for the good vibes.


  4. I was wondering why my palms have been itching all day, then I come on here and find out that you’re talking about me.

    Rest assured…only the cool kids get Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacterium. If you do culture it I am here to welcome you to the club. Here’s hoping it’s MAC and not abscesses, even though I’m sure you could send either packing. I’m on a clinical trial for a new antibiotic for MAC and after 2 1/2 years I think I may have finally found something that’s working!!!

    I’m hoping that you don’t need to deal with it at all, though. Sending clean culture vibes your way!

    • Stacey,

      What makes you think you’re the “Stacey” in question? Are you sure? Are you that famous now to be known by a single name like Madonna? 🙂

      Yes, your palms were itching for a good reason. You’re the reason I know something about the hell of MAC. I’m hoping I don’t have it. I don’t want it. You’re dealing with it much better than I anticipate I will if I have it.

      Thanks for the clean culture vibes.


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