I miss the beach and blogging

Readers of this blog know I do a pretty good job of flogging myself for all of the poor decisions I’ve made in my life, and continue to make. I wish I could let them go. But in the interest of balance, I’m going to pat myself on the back for a very good decision, one of the best I’ve ever made: renting a house at the beach for a month.

No one had a better time than our black lab. She loved retrieving the tennis ball and eating sandwiches out of strangers’ hands when they weren’t paying attention. A little bit embarrassing. For us, not her.

Every dog gets lucky once in a blue moon. And man did I have good fortune spending 28 days 108 steps from the sand. And despite my wife and I having to work during part of the stay, it was still awesome. Late afternoon walks with my daughter and the dogs. The awesomeness of the air, wind, and sunlight reflecting off the ocean. The lifestyle and relaxed pace. The calm. Did I mention the air? The ocean air. Let’s add sleeping with the window open at night, sound of waves crashing in the distance, burrowed under a comforter to the list of awesome everyday occurrences.

Yes, while the Valley melted in August with triple-digit temperatures, we chilled in the low to mid 70s everyday. And despite using sunscreen, I need to delay an overdue skin doctor appointment until the color of my skin fades from brown. Lesson learned: reapply often at the beach.

So, I miss the damn place. And since returning home, I’ve been very lazy. I can’t explain it. But I understand now how blogs fade away. Check out my blogroll. So many good writers that don’t post anymore. Blogging again feels a little bit like going to the gym again after being away for a while. Step one: sit in front of the computer and log on to WordPress. Step two: click “posts, new.”

So, simple in theory, so hard in practice.

The irony, if that’s the correct word, is that I have a lot to write about: Beach stories, panic attacks, and the kitchen remodel. Oh, yeah, the kitchen remodel. What a stressful experience that was. And it’s not quite over yet. I am cursed with the vision of spotting imperfections. That’s all I’m saying about it right now lest I have to reach for the Ativan. The remodel story deserves at least one post of its own.

I also want thank the universe for allowing me to make it through the month at the ocean without any hospital stays. It’s not to say I wasn’t tested at times, but I made it and enjoyed the 28 days surf side, not in jail.

More to come later. Today, my goal was to drive to the gym, got on the exercise bike and keep my expectations simple. Check. Done.

14 thoughts on “I miss the beach and blogging

  1. I’ve missed you! I can relate to the kitchen remodel nightmares. We just finished on Wednesday and we stayed home the entire time. It was VERY stressful often. The beach house was a great idea for you! I am so glad you got to rest and create new memories. Hang in there!

    • Stacey,

      Hello, my favorite person from the state where the sun never shines. How did you stay home during the remodel? I hope they kept the dust down for you. There was no way we could stay because they had to redo our ceilings and that created a dust storm unlike any other.

      I’m hoping the next post of yours that I read will be much better news and fewer antibiotics. 🙂 Come on, Universe, deliver an f’ing cure.


  2. Send me an email about where you stayed at the beach. We’re thinking of renting next summer. I thought for a week or two but a month sounds divine. My husband can work remotely. I think I can convince him of that. Did you have a fast internet connection? Guess that doesn’t really matter much when you have a MiFi. Anyway, where’d you go? 70’s sound a bit chill to me. Can you think of a place that might have 80’s all summer long? I’m thinking Santa Monica or Venice.

  3. Sounds like this was a grade “A”, life enjoyed, quality vacation but yiou know what they say about all those good things. Glad it was a month very well spent for you and family!

    Great picture of your black Lab. Funny thing about her helping herself to the sandwiches. Suppose she thought they were for her. Our black Lab, Lucy, loves her tennis ball and times at the beach too… and I could tell you about some embarrassing moments with her also.

    Best regards!!

    • Larry,

      Why am I always late in replying to you? Apologies. Life is a bit hectic these days and I lack focus as I surf through life with little direction. Next time you post a comment, include a picture of Lucy, please.


      • UC,
        No apologies necessary. I appreciate your taking time to comment as I always enjoy hearing from you and reading your blogs.
        Would love to send you pictures of our Lucy (yes, we love her) but can’t seem to be able to attach or paste them here in comments. If you don’t mind sending me your email address, I can attach them there. If you would rather not, I understand.

        Best regards,

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