One more item checked off my bucket list: Acupuncture

I did it. I finally did it. Say hello to the human pin cushion. I let a doctor stab needles in me from head to ankle. One between the eyes, a few on the side of my face, and more down my arms and legs.

The DIY acupuncture kit from Home Depot is cheaper and equally effective.

And the experience wasn’t free of pain either. The needles in one ankle and one elbow smarted. But it was nothing compared to the pain of an IV started by a nurse fresh from nursing school.

The needles were easy. Having to lie flat on the exam table for 30 minutes  – not so easy or fun. I don’t like being horizontal and unable to move around, and 30 minutes of not being productive was torture – until the table started spinning and I had this strange floating feeling. That was a bonus.

But I can’t say I really felt any different during the procedure or immediately after it. I was a little disappointed and didn’t think I would return for another session.

And then I got home.

Yes. Home. And I started feeling . . . strange. My wife’s green eyes seemed greener and her hair darker, with more texture, richer. She looked amazing.

Luckily, my daughter was busy Skyping with a friend and too busy to notice her parents sneaking off to another room. I grabbed my measuring tape as my alibi, just in case, as we may redo the bedrooms when we remodel the kitchen.

[CUT TO: black and white movie from the 50s and image of train going through a tunnel, followed by fireworks and rockets blasting off.]

I have my moments. I don’t have many of them, but I do have them.

Then the rest of the day I felt high. And if someone had offered me another session of acupuncture, I would have jumped at the chance. In fact, I felt like a junky needing a fix.

Euphoric? Is that the correct word?

I’ll be returning for another treatment. I can’t really explain what happened during the first one, but something did. And it’s worth exploring to see if there’s more magic in those needles – or if the doctor is dipping them in a solution made of something very unique and illegal in most countries.

Either way, one more item off my list – with a bonus experience. It doesn’t get better than that. I heart acupuncture.

10 thoughts on “One more item checked off my bucket list: Acupuncture

  1. So, I wandered over here from Stacey’s blog and this post made me laugh! I had acupuncture once in high school and it was one of my least favorite experiences of my life. Burning pain all over my body, and I definitely don’t remember a euphoria afterward! But I dunno… your experience sort of tempts me to try it again! Hee.

    Also, on an unrelated note, I’m currently putting together a blogroll for CF bloggers ( and I’d love to add your blog if you wanted me to.

    • Cindy,

      So glad you wandered over here. I’m a big fan of Stacey and hope I was one of the people prompting her to write a post after too many months away.

      Sorry you didn’t get the reward I did from the needles. I’m going to give it 5 or 6 sessions to see if I notice any improvements other than my heightened sense of my wife’s good looks.

      Please add me to the blogroll. Many thanks. I’ll add your site, too.

      Best to you and hope to hear from you again.


      • Sounds great, Unknown! I’ve been blogging for a long time and for almost as long I’ve wished that there was some sort of CF blogroll out there, so I’m hoping it’s a helpful resource! And I’ll be interested to hear the results of your later acupuncture. I’ve tried lots of wholistic/alternative medicine and that is one that I’ve vowed never to return to! 😉

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