Some nurses hate pandas (or a certain blogging panda with a bag over his head)

So, you’re in the hospital, your nurse has been out of training for three weeks, and she makes two mistakes. What do you do?
A) Ignore them and hope they don’t kill you
B) Yell at her and threaten to call your lawyer
C) Scream “there’s someone pretending to me a nurse in my room”
D) Point out the two mistakes and ask her to correct them

Well, my nurse removed a cap from my port, which exposed it to room air. Luckily, she had clamped it, otherwise I think it may have started spraying/leaking blood? I’m afraid to ask what happens with an open line. Possible infection?

So I pointed out her error – calmly – and asked her to change the extension she just contaminated.

Then while she was replacing the extension, she forgot to prime it with saline, nearly pushing a 6-inch section of air into me. Not sure it would have done anything, but I wouldn’t want to risk seeing if my blood stream could absorb all of it.

She thanked me for pointing out her mistake. But after that I got attitude for the rest of the day. It didn’t help that I didn’t trust her and questioned other decisions she made, which wore on both of us.

Then when my wife and daughter came they could feel the tension. Being in the hospital is bad. Having a pissed-off nurse adds a “power drill to the head” layer to the experience.

So, after four days of a mix of excellent nurses and mistake-making green nurses, I took matters into my own hands and called the Panda floor and asked if they had an open room. Luckily, one just opened up, and for reasons unknown, they like me.

Within 30 minutes I was kicking it on a floor where I don’t feel like a mutant and nurses are more experienced in Panda care.

And oh what a difference it makes. I didn’t realize how stressed I was dealing with mistakes and the fear of them. Now I’m where I belong and I can be low-key and not bother anyone. I can sit and write on my iPad, watch ESPN and eat my bamboo without fear of an electric zoo prod to my fluffy, cute panda rear.

[photo of panda by Richard Giles, Creative Commons]

10 thoughts on “Some nurses hate pandas (or a certain blogging panda with a bag over his head)

  1. Dear Chi-Chi of PandaShire

    Pleased to hear you’re back on the floor that understands your madman language. The nurses on the other floor sound like some scary arsed f***ers! Are you sure they’re not just out of work actors? Not all of them can work as waiters can they? 😉
    Sir Sean

  2. It hurts my heart to know that you have to deal with nurses. The quality of nursing in a hospital setting can potentially make or break your stay. I would have reported the stupid head nurse to the charge nurse and asked for a new nurse. But then again – I don’t accept anything less than the best care when I’m in a hospital. Every stay, I sit down with the charge nurse when I first arrive and plan out who my nurses will be for my entire stay. Sorry you had to deal with that crap. Glad to hear you’re finally on the Panda floor. I hope things start improving ASAP. ❤

  3. I really like Stina’s comment and am wondering if you can’t do the same. As a mother of an 18 year-old considering the same CF Center as you, I’m losing my marbles over all this. Were my kid in your shoes, I’m not sure I could contain that inner Shirley MacLaine that is trying to burst out of me.

    Now I’ve just identified with Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment and earlier with Billy Jack. That’s worrisome.

    • Jessica,

      I think I used the monkey metaphor a year ago. I’m running out of animals. I like the panda because it’s exotic and if you brought one into a vet, they wouldn’t know what the f**k to do with it. Just like some doctors and dealing with CF. We’re special and unique.

      Nice to hear from you. Hope you’re feeling great and making every day count.


  4. I hated reading this, of course until the end when the “story” had a happy ending. Its awful what you had to put up with. Not that it matters now, but could you (politely) explain what happened to whomever is in charge and ask for a different nurse? I don’t have any words for it. BUT on the happier side (if one can be in hospital and be happy) you are where pandas are most comfortable, for that I am more than pleased for you. I can now give sending you ALL my good energy and direct some towards the moronic woman that is currently running our country. Stay safe and move towards release little panda!

    • Karyn,

      Your good AUS energy was received. Thank you for tossing it my way.

      My experience with going to the person in charge is that it’s usually the person responsible for the good or bad experience. So, if the quality isn’t good, that’s what you’re going to get when you move up the ladder. Not always, but sometimes. And sometimes the charge nurses can be mixed on a floor. Luck of the draw. I drew twos this time around. But it got better when I moved.

      Can’t believe you’re reading these esoteric posts. Very kind of you. I think you understand.


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