January Malaise

My least favorite month is January – vacation and holidays are over, back to work, cold weather, short days. And the thought of all the things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year but won’t.

Last week, I saw these autumn leaves hanging on and couldn't resist taking a picture. I was rooting for them to make it to spring, but the winds this weekend were too much for them. Hello, bare trees. Looking forward to April.

Being sick since last week hasn’t helped my January outlook, though I can’t blame the weather here this time. It’s been spring-like with 70 and 80-degree days. But it hasn’t helped enough. I’m in the “first-month-of-the-year” funk.

Tomorrow I repeat the PFT and find out if my parole is over and it’s time to go to jail. I have no idea which way the test will go. I’m a shitty judge of my lung function.

How many times have I gone in for the test thinking I’m going to ace it and my numbers will be “through the roof” high only to be disappointed (chump). So, I have no opinion tonight of my performance tomorrow. The numbers will be what the numbers will be. I have done everything I can at this point. It is in Tim Tebow’s hands right now (he’s a god to me after Sunday’s game).

The thought of going in the hospital makes me cringe. It must be easier when the decision is made for you or clear cut, e.g., you’re injured in a car accident and taken to the hospital in an ambulance. But having to check yourself in for two weeks when you’re still functioning, walking, talking, etc. Well, not so easy to do when your brain is telling you, “bad things happen there. Stay away.”

There is nothing good about the place: the process, the routine, the doctors, the tests, the food, the germs, the mistakes, the juggling of work, and the being away from home. There’s not a lot to like about any of it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some cool benefit to going in. Daily massages. Nurse . . . er . . . playtime. [sound of train coming to a crashing stop] That’s it. That’s all I can think of. What else could a hospital possibly offer to make it worth going there voluntarily?

An Apple Store with a 50 percent off sale?

I’m at a loss to think of anything else. Oh, yeah, the feeling better part. There is that.

So, we’ll see. Tomorrow is one more day of January over. That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it? How is that for positive thinking?

9 thoughts on “January Malaise

  1. Clearly you go to the wrong hospital because MY hospital is super cool. Lots of super hott male nurses and sexy RT guys that watch episodes of Twilight Zone with me while doing my treatments. 😉 I hope you don’t have to get checked in to the get well hotel. My thoughts are with you.

    • Stina,

      Your hot male nurse comment has ensured I never go to the SB hospital. Email me when they get hot female nurses. I do, however, wonder if your hospital is better than mine. Not too happy with some of the stuff going on her, but the team is go good it’s worth it.


      • whoa whoa whoa….we have all kinds of hottness at Cottage hospital up in SB, not to mention the fact that we have a brand new hospital! I have lots of hott nurse/RT/resident babes that would be more than happy to help you make your hospital stay a little more tolerable. I’m sorry to hear about USC (email me with more details if you’d like to disclose. Also feel free to text/call me. I left there because I didn’t like the care team, well really I only didnt like one person there… My pulmonologist is the best, but really the level of care everywhere here in SB is phenomenal. I also know all the secrets to getting the best care and secret food items on the menu.

  2. Dear Madman of LaShire

    Firstly I would like to compliment you on another excellent photo, you’re turning into a right David Bailey!
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather so we are sending you some good English east coast healing vibes your way. 🙂
    Sir Sean

  3. AW, I’m sorry you’re sick! I bet it never occurs to the sick woman at the NYE party what she (possibly) has cost you. Hoping you respond quickly and the time flies by. Well, at least that sounds good!

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