The marshmallow thief and other snippets from life

I was standing in the living room this week when Cali ran out of the kitchen with a large bag of marshmallows in her mouth. My wife had left a cabinet open and opportunity presented itself. I felt like a shortstop fielding a 37-pound ground ball. I saved the run from scoring.

The innocent face of the thief

It turns out she’s quite the puppy thief, this one. Anything she can put in her mouth goes in her mouth. But there’s some mischief mixed in.

My daughter was on the floor drawing and Cali ran into the kitchen, grabbed the bag of markers and ran out, which irritated my daughter, who didn’t see the humor in it. Especially after the 5th time Cali tried it.

Cali has become quite the fun pup, and our “Socialize California” mission is paying off. (Does that make us Socialists?) She’s much more confident now and sounds and barking dogs don’t phase her as much. She’s doing great in puppy classes. We feel proud of the work we’ve done with her. Now we just have to cure her of her thieving ways.


Cali got sick this week. Diarrhea sick. I got sick at the same time – my own stomach issues. Coincidence? After a chicken and rice diet (Cali), and Pop Tarts and Popsicles (me), I got better but Cali didn’t. So it was to the vet for a sample from her back end, which the vet staff gave us some hell about, as they wondered why were testing her if she was not showing any other signs of illness, and she had had the stool test a month ago.

Ah, summer

Because we’ve owned dogs our entire lives and something is not right, okay? Shut up and take our money.

The vet’s office called the next day to tell us the test was negative. What?

We were happy it was, but confused. So, I called the vet just to see what else it might be. When he called me back, he said the second test was positive for giardia. Vindication for us, antibiotics for Cali.


I had a clinic appointment this week. My PFTs were up, but not back to the pre “flu from hell” levels. I felt happy and sad. Happy they’re better, but sad I may not get back that lung function. I also need sinus surgery. We’ll plan it the next time I go into the hospital. It’s like having your car repaired – making a trip in just to fix the door handle is a pain. I’ll wait until I’m due for a major service to repair everything.


Work has been nuts lately. So, I’ve felt like reading more than writing. I just finished Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen, which took me a while to get into but was excellent in the end. But I like Franzen’s other book The Corrections better. I have three or four unread books on my Kindle left to go this summer, though “summer” may be too kind of a word to describe this season, as it’s been warmer in Alaska than here in L.A. I’m writing this while wearing a parka and using icicles and flavoring to make homemade Popsicles.

Stay warm.

14 thoughts on “The marshmallow thief and other snippets from life

  1. Having something in your mouth is a birddog thing! I feel like a model without her bikini if I don’t have something clamped in the slobber zone. Cali is just being a class one canine. About the green apple quick steps. Hey you humans have it made with that porclien bus at your disposal. We have count on you humans to let us out to do our business. Hope all goes well with your CF. My human has a dear friend that has it.
    PS – I’d send you a bag of our HOT from here in SW Florida but I’d don’t think it would make the USPO without a rupture.

    • SandySays1,

      My owner left the door open and they were there – a whole bag of the white, spongy goodness. I grabbed them and ran for the hills. If it hadn’t been for the wood floor and zigging when I should have zagged, I would have escaped the clutches of the big guy. The treasure was gone in an instant. Heartbreaking. I’ve tried stealing other fun stuff, but the humans are so clever and fast. One day, I’ll get one of those chickens all to myself. I’m plotting. I’ll send you some loot when I have it.

      Leave the sun in FL, please, my coat is black and I melt in the sun. Luckily, my dog house is big and air conditioned.

      Thanks for writing,


  2. Glad you are enjoying puppydom. I just figured out this week that my rescue dog won’t run down the street if I let her off leash while I go get the mail or move the sprinkler. What a great dog! My miniature pinscher would have been two blocks away before I turned around. I’m too old and decrepit to be wagging down the street in this heat!

    Sorry about the sinus surgery. Understand wanting to hold off. I’m trying to figure out when to have hammertoe surgery. Oofa.

    • Mal,

      I’m never had a dog I trusted off a leash. That’s pretty cool you can do that. Old and decrepit? Yikes. I highly doubt that. Stop that talk. Only I can do that. I saw your tweet about the heat and wind. It sucks living in Texas sometimes.

      Hammertoe surgery? Really? When I was young, my dad had it and I remember metal pins sticking out of his toes. Will you have pins sticking out of yours? Why do you seem to have all of the gross surgeries? Wrist, now hammertoes. How did you get them? I probably have them. In fact, lately, my toes have been hurting. I’ll put up with the pain or drill my own toes and put pins in them. Send some pain pills, please.


      • I’ve been asking the same question why DO I have all the gross surgeries?!! I think some of it is heredity. If my mom had lived past 50, I’m pretty sure she would have been crippled up as that was before all the joint replacements were available. The Dr. didn’t mention pins and I don’t think I want to know. And just give me an address — I’ve got loads of Ultram. 🙂

      • Mal,

        I’m sure they have much better technology these days. They probably slam your toes in a waffle maker and fix them that way. I hope you post another gross video on my site. I can’t wait to hear how they fix them.


  3. Ugh, I liked the ending of Freedom, but labored through the rest of it. Not my favorite. I recently finished reading “The Book Thief” and I recommend it for you. It was an excellent read! It seems fitting based on what little Cali has been doing lately!

    Not happy about the sinus surgery, but glad your PFT’s went in the right direction 🙂

    • Stacey,

      I did labor through parts of it. It took me two tries to start, but like you, I thought it ended well. I’ll download The Book Thief. It better be good, or I’ll be coming to Ohio to get a refund from you.

      Hope you and everyone in your family is doing well,


      • You’ll like it! It’s narrated by death. He actually seems like a pretty interesting being. If you need more book suggestions, I’m your girl…

  4. Just wanted to say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, UC! You are one amazing dad. Thanks for sharing your awesome dad-hood with the blogging world.

    Much love,
    CF Wife

    • Liz,

      You’re the best and so nice. Thank you so much. Sorry about the late reply. Worked my butt off this week. Sending you a genie bottle and three wishes. Make good use out of them. 🙂

      Best to you,


  5. Sounds like much adventure in you world. : ) Sadie and Maggie both were very good at stealing..especially socks. Your description of trying to save the marshmallows brought back so many memories of Mags : ) Hope your work is not so nutsy soon and surgery goes well.

    • JRP,

      Cali’s latest talent is finding pine cones on walks and bringing them home. We have a growing pile.

      Thanks for the visit and comment. We’ll be doing the spaying thing in a week or two.


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