Hipstamatic makes everything look cool, even a sign at a hospital

The virus, flu, whatever it is, took a big swipe at me last night. I rarely get fevers, but it was 101.6 on the radio dial, not that there are radio dials anymore.

Why does bad stuff always happen in the dark of night?

The fever came with chills and an elevated heart rate, SOB, and pulseox of 90, 91. Tylenol knocked down the chills, but not the temperature, and I got as close as you can get to going to the ER. The temperature settled down when I cooled off, letting me sleep for three or four hours. I woke up in a wet sweat. And nauseous, which is sometimes a sign of a collapsed lung for me.

I emailed the doctor and he ordered an x-ray. Three hours of my day burned going to, at, from the hospital. No pneumonia, no pneumothorax, no hospital stay – yet. Then home for a weekday nap, something I take every 5 years. Work got cancelled, too, which made me uncomfortable and behind on my projects.

It hurts to cough, which amazes me, as I cough all the time. Virus-aftermath coughing is different, more painful.

The question now is . . . will I move to DEFCON 1 and go to the hospital, or will I escape? I cannot think of any examples of escaping this strong of a virus in a long time. But who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky. I’m on oral cipro, Cayston, and inhaled Tobra. This trio of heavyweights better keep me out of jail, or I’ll be pissed.

11 thoughts on “DEFCON 2

  1. I’m so sorry you’re sick; but proud you had the driver turn around. No pneumo-anything is encouraging. Thinking of you!

    (Haven’t weighed in much lately. I had my right thumb-joint replaced due to arthritis and am in a cast for 6 weeks. So I’m slowly hunting & pecking. But still reading…)

    • Mal,

      Thanks for the update on how you’re doing. That must have been an interesting surgery. I’m sure they knocked you out? I would have liked to watch it on myself.

      I hope the procedure went well and you have a bionic right thumb now.


      • They did a nerve block in my hand but also knocked me out since he had to tie a very tight tourniquet on the upper arm, for an hour, to control bleeding. If you are morbidly curious like me, you may want to watch a video I found of the same surgery. I’m just glad I didn’t see it until AFTER my surgery.

        Feel better soon!

      • Mal, I watched the entire video. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea what they were doing, but I hope it works out for you. Best to you and your new joint.

  2. PS — please feel free to remove that awful pic from your blog. I had no idea sending you a hyperlink to the video would ATTACH the video! Now I know…

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