Day Tripper to Ventura Harbor

At the beginning of February, it felt like summer. Now it’s cold and windy and feels like winter. We went to Ventura Harbor yesterday. And even with three layers of clothes on, the cold and wind were brutal.

This harbor was cool, but the area around it had a solid 80s vibe to the decor. Here are some pictures.

It had rained the day before and the last clouds of the storm were still hanging in the mountains.

I thought this was interesting. There were a lot tile works around the harbor.

Like this large round tile dial buried in one of the inner walkways.

There were several metal boats in the harbor. I thought they looked cool.

This photo shows the foam and white caps. It was hard to stand up in the wind. In the distance, there is a small rain cloud. In the next photo, taken 10 minutes later, it’s gone.

I like the color of the water in the photo above.

I’m standing on the beach in this photo. Yesterday’s snow is shown in the distant mountains. The flags to the right show how hard the wind was blowing.

I don’t like clowns. One day, this one is going to escape his box. I don’t want to be hanging around when he does.

Stay warm and healthy.



4 thoughts on “Day Tripper to Ventura Harbor

  1. A cold & windy day in California looks some much better than it is here in the middle of summer. Never mind putting a couple of layers on you would need a full Arctic survival suit to keep you warm in Cleethorpes.

    My Mum is a regular visitor to San Francisco, she also has friends that live in Oroville, she always laughs that when she and my step father are walking around in short sleeves, the locals have jackets on and look absolutely frozen. 🙂 They have driven Route 1 all the way from San Francisco down to San Diego before and really raved about the beautiful coastline that California has, perhaps one day I will be able to make the same trip and pick you up on the way.

    The best I can hope for for the next four days is no rain and 5-7 degrees Celsius so I can get out on my bike.


    • Sean,

      It’s funny you say that because we were discussing how it must be like living in England. And we talked about you and onlyz.

      I hope you come out one day. That would be great. Bring the girls to Disneyland. Or, you and I can do a Top Gear road trip up the coast or down to Mexico. Your choice.


    • Liz, I agree with you. A clown like that in a box is a recipe for disaster. I was afraid to put the tokens in to see what he did. Probably jump out of the box and grab me by the throat. No thanks. I pass. UC

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