Fox designs a line of hospital shirts

You can't keep a good fox down.

Fox here. I’m back. And better than ever. I spent the summer in Monaco with some of my Hollywood friends. I’d love to write about my adventures, but I don’t remember a lot of what happened. I do remember waking up face down on the water bed most afternoons, sometimes wearing the dress of the woman next to me. Crazy fox fun.

The entire summer wasn’t a complete inebriated waste of time. I came up with an cool idea for Unknown – a line of hospital t-shirts. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. What do you think? A different one for each day he’s in the hospital next time?

Party like it’s your last.

Fox out.

15 thoughts on “Fox designs a line of hospital shirts

  1. I’m totally diggin’ the shirts! If UC does end up printing one up, make sure I can get one too! My fav is the “Hemoptysis isn’t just for Vampires”. You should really trademark it. Very catchy…

    • It was awfully nice of Fox to design those shirts for me. I have doubts he’s ever get around to printing them. I like the Vampire shirt, too, though I’m fond of the one designed for RTs. Not sure how the word asshole would go over. They might bring me poison.

    • So nice to have you back on the Internet. How exciting. Fox almost used your favorite phrase, Suck It. But he thought you had the copyright on that one. I like the new one you came up with. Do you still have to worry about germie assess now that you have new lungs?

  2. I love them! If you ever actually do get some started, Im in. Glad to see you Fox, been missing you lately. UC has been laying pretty low. Be sure to kick him into high gear! much love always! ~j

    • Julie,

      Fox here. That Unknown is a big baby. Eats something will a little spice in it and starts crying about his stomach. How’s he going to hang with you in the big NO? I guess I’ll have to come down there and share some cajun BP shrimp with you.

      Fox out.

      • Fox,

        If you ever get down to the Big Easy, look me up! You can rest from the insanity of the city up here on the Northshore where its quiet and preppy….then head back to the city to get dirty again 😉

        BP shrimp arent my thing, but we can share something out of the shallow waters….how about Crawfish? Talk about something spicy for UC to cry about 😉 much love ~j

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