Welcome to Joshland’s latest post

I just read Welcome To Joshland’s new post.

I’m sending him some California sun, a six pack of Fuck-off CF to drink, and my flail.

Fox is sending you his nurses, Josh. He says he is not responsible for any injuries you sustain.

Josh, feel better, please.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Joshland’s latest post

  1. Thank you, distant buddy. I got my PICC line pulled today (it was touch and go there for a minute), but it doesn’t change anything about how I felt when I wrote that post or how feel “post PICC line”. The frustration is there, but #%$^# fight through it with a lot of positivity, will power, a little cursing, and some luck.

    Peaceful things, UC. Crack open a sixer with the Fox, but make him open it. Ha Ha Fox – opposable thumbs rule!

      • They are, M’boy. 🙂 Tell Fox he can have his nurses back. It’s a little crowded in the bed with me, my wife, our dogs, Moganko, AND THEM. Not to mention….a little awkward.

        Those nurses are a little rough. Clearly, Fox is a better Vulpes vulpes than I am.

      • LOLOL. What a strange image that is. I have a feeling that one day Welcome to Joshland will just go crazy mad. You’ll be selling an unrated version of Moganko’s hospital adventures. Thanks for helping make my hypertonic saline more effective tonight. 🙂

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