Let’s Have Some Fun Living Friday – The Unknown Comic

Rights unknown

My friend @onlyz told me today to stop talking about dying because there was living to do. He never pulls punches in his “140 characters or less” tweets. But he is correct – there is living to do.

Tonight, I celebrate life and the inspiration for my blog identity, Mr. Murray Langston, aka, The Unknown Comic, who has delivered loads of laughs and happiness to others. I loved watching him on The Gong Show. And I respect, honor and parody him here on this blog.

Here’s a link to his Wikipedia bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unknown_Comic

If you read the bio, you’ll notice the last line: “He is active in charity work, particularly for children’s advocacy causes.” How nice is that. I wonder if one of those charities is cystic fibrosis?

Here are two youtube.com videos of The Unknown Comic:



Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend. I’ll do my best to live as much as possible. Thanks for the redirection, @onlyz.


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