Eats, shoots and leaves – 140 character limit on Twitter


I enjoy Twitter most days. Not all, but most.

The challenge is sending comments into the void and not knowing their impact.

I’ve taken a “if I like it and think the tweet is funny, I’m sending it” attitude. Certain times I have laughed by rear end off writing a tweet only to have it bomb and get no response back, which is the case most of the time.

Here’s my favorite tweet that bombed because I messed up the meaning.

@cffatboy in the hospital is like keeping a wolverine in your bathroom. At some point, U R going to have go in there & it won’t be pleasant.

I wish I had written:

@cffatboy in the hospital is like keeping an angry wolverine trapped in the bathroom. At some point, someone is going to have to go in there and lose an essential body part.

I would have violated the 140 character limit. Oh, well. I feel better now that I got it out of my system. I thank CF Fatboy for his guest post, which made me laugh so hard it helped clear out my lungs.

And though I blow off steam on Twitter, I truly appreciate the people, CF Fatboy especially, who I have met and learned more about. That part of Twitter is special and I value it above all else.

Tweet on, my friends, tweet on.


5 thoughts on “Eats, shoots and leaves – 140 character limit on Twitter

    • I was very happy to see some tweets from you tonight, but I knew your absence was because you were closing out your college career. Enjoy your last days of college; the journey was everything. Did you order a college ring? I did even though I don’t wear jewelry. I wanted a lasting symbol of my hard work.

      • No college ring. We are getting the photos they take at commencement and will be going on a week-long family vacation in June for memories. I still remember our big, 8-person family vacation when my wife graduated like it was yesterday – I proposed the next month.

      • That’s very cool. I had my eyes on that ring from the beginning. Something about it was symbolic for me. Part of being in an exclusive club that I had never thought I’d be able to join.

      • For me, that symbol is the diploma on the wall. It’s going to go right next to my wife’s from the same university from 4 years earlier.

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